Charleston Launches Boards+

Remember that thing with the city you really care about? Good news, now you can get involved.

We are extremely psyched to see this step towards greater transparency and inclusion in local decision-making.

Boards and Commissions have a HUGE influence on local culture and policy, and they were in serious need of some new voices and healthy sunshine – which is why establishing an open Board and Commission process was one of BACE's chief initiatives during last year's mayoral race, and a topic during the mayoral forum.

Thanks to Mayor Tecklenburg and staff for following through and getting this up and running. We hope that this will be a positive step towards a more forward-thinking definition of "quality of life" that reflects our diverse, vibrant, evolving city.

So put down your damned egg sandwiches, strap on your typin' hands, and sign up here for a board and/or committee.

This town is only gone be as cool as we make it.