F&B Mayoral Forum

Hanna Raskin of The Post & Courier reports:

"The clear winner of this afternoon’s F&B Mayoral Forum was the food-and-beverage industry, which demonstrated its seriousness about city politics through high turnout and thoughtful questions for the four participating candidates."

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Press Release:

Butcher & Bee, BACE League to Host Mayoral Forum for F&B Community 

CHARLESTON, SC – Butcher & Bee and BACE League of Charleston have joined efforts to organize a Mayoral Forum focusing on local F&B issues, the first of its kind in Charleston. Considering the vital role that F&B plays in both local quality of life and the economy, the goal of the forum is to increase voter turnout and help the F&B community make a more informed vote. The event is strictly non­partisan, and neither of the hosting organizations has or will endorse a candidate.

All six mayoral candidates have committed to attending the forum, which will focus on issues including: Permitting and municipal oversight, parking, late night regulations and law enforcement, workforce housing and downtown living costs, public transportation, nightlife growth and promotion, and Livability Court.

The format is geared to gain substantive insight into the candidates’ positions on these topics. Interested residents are encouraged to visit the Facebook event page “F&B Mayoral Forum” to suggest and discuss topics. BACE spokesperson and attorney Elliott A. Smith will moderate the discussion, while receiving live input from a panel of F&B representatives. Unlike other formats, the candidates will be permitted to respond directly to one another in limited circumstances, and the moderator will actively engage the candidates regarding their answers. As this is a non­partisan event, the objective is that the questions be even­handed and provide an opportunity for meaningful responses.

This forum represents the second phase in a larger “Register/Learn/Vote” initiative. Throughout September, BACE spokesperson/attorney Parker Hastings, along with Smith and McKenzie Eddy, have coordinated visits with the owners of dozens of downtown bars and restaurants in order to register employees to vote, inform them about the forum, and listen to suggestions regarding questions for the candidates.