Thank you Charleston – the event was a great success!


A  N I G H T   O F  M U S I C  &  C O M M U N I T Y


6:30 – 8:30
Doors & Voter Registration Drive

BACE is working with the Charleston County Board of Elections & Voter Registration, which will be on site for a voter registration drive at the Music Hall starting at 6:30 p.m.

  • Free beer from Holy City Brewing and PBR – including a one-time Brave Baby brew from Holy City made exclusively for this event;

  • Free food provided by Cru Catering, and Warehouse;

  • Raffle from local sponsors, irreverently hosted by the Tramps;

  • D.J. Black Olive and D.J. Mummbls;

  • Live music in the alley by local brass quartet Judge and the Jury.

ABOUT: The future of any city depends substantially upon its ability to sustain an environment where young, talented professionals want to live and thrive. That means, in part, a vibrant, forward-thinking city with a dynamic art and music culture. In Charleston, that environment is taking shape; recently, we have experienced a creative and economic renaissance through local contributions to the arts, cuisine, nightlife, business, and the tech sector. Thanks to this evolution, Charleston is no longer just a city with a rich history – it is becoming a haven for cultural trailblazers.

BACE League of Charleston (Business | Art | Culture | Entertainment) is a non-profit, non-partisan group of local businesses and residents dedicated to encouraging CHS millennials and cultural trailblazers to get registered to vote. In a nefarious effort to lure all you active, talented, creative, hard-working, forward-thinking people into one room, BACE is presenting Brave Baby's album release concert on May 9th at Charleston Music Hall. We will then shamelessly attempt to get each and every one of you registered to vote, armed with clipboards, pens, laptops, food, and beer.

Simply being engaged in your city is important, period. That's what we're pushing. Please come register. It will be easy, it will be fun, and the city will see it.

8:30 – 11:45

  • Set 1: The High Divers

  • Set 2: SUSTO

  • Headliner: BRAVE BABY – Introducing their new album "Electric Friends." With stage design by Hirona Matsuda and Artist & Craftsman

  • ABOUT: This city’s ability to support a dynamic art and music scene is a major component of the ideal local quality of life that will retain and attract talented people. With that in mind, BACE is sponsoring the album release concert for Brave Baby, one of Charleston’s most popular groups. This local release is well ahead of the national release, as a show of appreciation to the Charleston community that has supported the band.

This concert's high level of promotion and production value – all at a low ticket price – is made possible by BACE Patrons who are truly supporting the local art and music scene.