Mayoral Candidate F&B Preliminary Questionnaire: CPD Involvement

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4. CPD Involvement

The Charleston Police Department has played an active role in Mayor Riley developing his nightlife policies, which has drawn varying responses ranging from enthusiastic support to significant frustration.

Question 4:

To what degree would you be guided by law enforcement’s recommendations regarding nightlife policy, and why?


The number one job for our city’s law enforcement is to keep Charleston’s residents and visitors safe. Law enforcement’s late night recommendations should emphasize safety and I will listen to law enforcement officials’ recommendations in this regard. 


Charleston’s police force is a vital component of maintaining safety, quality of life in the city, and important insights on policy initiatives. As mayor, I would be mindful of how any of any policy recommendations might impact or burden those doing business in the city and the lives of our citizens. In moving forward on nightlife regulations or any other regulation, I would always seek the input of a diverse group of stakeholders to help guide policy for the city. That has been my reputation in the previous offices I have held, and I would bring that with me to the mayor’s office.


Public safety is the first job of government and, as such, it will of course be a major consideration in the evolution of our city’s  nightlife policy. That said, I have also stressed the importance of making City government more collaborative and citizen­focused, so all stakeholders, including neighborhood residents and businesses, will have a seat at the table when these decisions are being made.